10 of the strangest animals on our planet

Native to northern Australia and southern New Guinea, these lizards have a menacing appearance with a giant frill but are actually insect-eaters.

1. Frill-necked lizard

Inhabiting deep-sea waters, this fish has a gelatinous appearance and a unique adaptation to its environment.

2. Blobfish

A rare deep-sea shark with a long, pointy snout and crooked teeth.

3. Goblin shark

Also known as the Hungarian sheepdog, it has a distinct corded white coat resembling dreadlocks.

4. Komondor Dog

One of two monotreme mammals, it lays eggs and has spines and electroreceptors in its snout.

5. Echidna

A long-fingered lemur from Madagascar with unusual teeth and nocturnal habits.

6. Aye-aye

Known as the Mexican walking fish, it remains aquatic and can regenerate body parts.

7. Axolotl

A semi-aquatic, venomous egg-laying mammal from eastern Australia with electroreception.

8. Platypus

Named after its ear-like fins, it lives in extreme depths of the ocean.

9. Dumbo octopus

Slow-moving mammals from Central and South America adapted for an arboreal lifestyle.

10. Sloth

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