10 of the most common dog skin conditions

Dogs can develop allergies to things like grass, dust mites, and pollen, resulting in itchy skin. Diagnosis may involve blood tests, and treatment options vary.

1. Environmental Allergies

Increased itching, especially around the face, feet, ears, and anus, can indicate food allergies. An elimination diet helps identify the allergen.

2. Food Allergies

Inflamed hair follicles can occur due to other skin problems. Treatment involves shampoos, antibiotics, and ointments.

3. Folliculitis

More common in puppies, impetigo shows as blisters on the belly. Antibiotics and tests are recommended.

4. Impetigo

A contagious fungal infection, ringworm appears as circular patches. Immediate vet attention is essential for treatment.

5. Ringworm

Warm areas attract yeast infections, often in ears, toes, and groins. Treatment includes creams, washes, and tablets.

6. Yeast Infections

These parasites can cause itching, redness, and hair loss. Regular cleaning and preventive treatments are essential.

7. Ticks and Fleas

Mange is a severe skin condition caused by mites. There are two types: demodectic and sarcoptic, both requiring treatment.

8. Mange

Dogs can get dandruff due to various reasons, including dry skin. It may signal an underlying issue, and treatment can include special shampoos and dietary adjustments

9. Dandruff


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