10 Most Stubborn Dog Breeds

Beagles are lovable but independent dogs that need an owner willing to appreciate their playful nature.


Despite their intelligence, English Bulldogs may seem stubborn with weak owners; they require respect and firm handling.

English Bulldog

These small dogs have big personalities and won't back down, even when facing larger dogs.


Mischievous and energetic, Jack Russells can challenge owners they consider wishy-washy.

Jack Russell Terrier

While great with families, Rottweilers need a strong and experienced leader to avoid assuming control.


This independent breed demands firm training and exercise to prevent boredom.

Dogo Argentino

Independent and loyal, Shar Peis require owners who can earn their loyalty.

Chinese Shar Pei

These aloof dogs need owners who appreciate their haughty nature.

Afghan Hound

Primarily bonding with one person, they require strong leadership from their chosen owner.

Scottish Terrier

Incredibly intelligent, Weimaraners need a quick-witted owner to provide firm and fun training.


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