10 Most Rarest Dog Breeds in World 2023

Originating from West Africa, Azawakhs are swift sighthounds used for hunting in Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso.

Elegant Azawakh

Meet the Norwegian Lundehund, bred for puffin hunting with extra toes and remarkable flexibility.

Unique Puffin Dog

British breed with expert swimming skills and a keen sense of smell, once used for otter hunting.

Majestic Otterhound

The Kooikerhondje, with its striking orange-red coat, was a traditional duck decoy dog in the Netherlands.

Dutch Duck Decoy

Turkey's Catalburun boasts a unique split-nose, struggling to maintain its population.

Rare Split-Nose Catalburun

Originating from Thailand, this breed's backward-running ridge of hair sets it apart.

Exotic Thai Ridgeback

Finnish Spitz, with a fox-like appearance, were skilled at hunting small game in Finland.

Fox-Like Finnish Spitz

The intelligent and agile Mudi is a rare Hungarian herding breed.

Agile Hungarian Mudi

Hailing from the Middle East, the Canaan Dog is one of the earliest domesticated breeds.

Ancient Canaan Dog