10 Most Playful Dog Breeds in the World

Playful, sweet-natured breed that loves being around high-energy kids and makes for a perfect playmate.

1. Boxer

2. English Springer Spaniel

2. English Springer Spaniel Energetic breed with a fondness for outdoor activities like agility training, hiking, tracking, and fetching.

Continually active and playful breed that loves playing with kids and enjoys outdoor playtime.

3. Corgi

High-energy dog known for their vibrant and playful nature, excelling in activities like swimming, agility, hiking, and more.

4. Jack Russell Terrier

Smart and cute breed that loves to be entertained and enjoys activities like long walks and participating in dog sports.

5. Papillon

Fun-loving and playful breeds, popular as family buddies, who enjoy playing outdoors.

6. Golden & Labrador Retriever

Water-loving breed that enjoys being in the water, making them great beach companions and swimming buddies.

7. Portuguese Water Dog

High-energy breed that craves constant play and interaction, excelling in tasks like fetching, playing soccer, and more.

8. Australian Shepherd

Always ready for playful interaction, they love activities such as hiking, fetch, running, and tug-of-war.

9. Brittany Dog

High-energy and goofy breed known for their playful tricks, historically used as performers in the circus and coach-pulling dogs.

10. Dalmatian Breed