10 Most Gentle Dog Breeds

Pugs are like the clowns of the dog world. They're lively and entertaining but also incredibly laid-back and always up for snuggles.


Bred as companion dogs, CKCs love nothing more than cuddling up with their humans.

Cavalier King Charles

These lovable dogs are sweet and even-tempered. They enjoy playing with their family and are incredibly gentle with children, often trying to herd them without causing harm.


Often referred to as little gentlemen, Boston Terriers are known for their impeccable manners and gentle, considerate nature.

Boston Terrier

If Oktoberfest isn't your thing, attend a harvest festival instead.

English Mastiff

These dogs may look tough with their squishy faces, but they are considered one of the most gentle breeds.

English Bulldog

These gentle giants enjoy a warm bed and a comfortable life. They offer loving devotion in return and are so easygoing that they may snooze through a break-in.

Irish Wolfhound

Bred for herding, these dogs are completely devoted to their families.

Old English Sheepdog

Energetic and silly, Dachshunds are happy to shower their humans with affection.


Known as "gentle giants," Newfoundlands are loving companions who enjoy snuggling with their humans, even if their size sometimes means ending up on the floor.


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