10 Most Famous Celebrity Cats Of The Internet

An Instagram sensation with 4.4M followers, known for her expressive eyes and playful personality, capturing hearts since 2012.

1. Nala Cat

Iconic with 2.6M Instagram followers, her permanent frown made her a 2012 internet star, even appearing in commercials and TV shows.

2. Grumpy Cat

Inspiring with 2.5M Instagram followers, this perma-kitten with dwarfism and health challenges spreads love and joy worldwide.

3. Lil BUB

A YouTube sensation with 2.4M followers, this Persian's luxurious coat and calm personality have garnered over 1 billion video views.

4. Smoothie the Cat

With 829k Instagram followers, this Scottish Fold is a fashion-forward feline, known for rocking sunglasses and featuring in magazines.

5. Sunglass Cat

With 634k Instagram followers, this Maine Coon's large size and cuddly nature have led to books, calendars, and merchandise.

6. Pudge the Cat

Ginger tabby best friends boasting 676k Instagram followers, celebrated for their playful antics and viral videos.

7. Cole and Marmalade

With 466k Instagram followers, this Scottish Fold's heterochromia (two different colored eyes) and unique look have won hearts worldwide.

8. Loki the Cat

Two Japanese bobtail cats with 459k Instagram followers, known for expressive eyes, adorable poses, and a pet food commercial appearance.

9. Chataro and Kinako

This British Shorthair, adored by 408k Instagram followers, is famous for his chubby cheeks and playful demeanor, featured in magazines and merchandise.

10. Albert Baby Cat

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