10 most common dog illnesses and conditions

A contagious disease with symptoms like a forceful cough. Treatment may not be necessary, but antibiotics can help if it spreads.

1. Kennel Cough

Dogs with fleas scratch, bite, and lick themselves due to itching. Various treatments are available to eliminate fleas.

2. Fleas

An inflammatory condition causing digestive enzyme leakage, leading to symptoms like refusal to eat and abdominal upset.

3. Pancreatitis

A fungal infection causing hair loss with a crusty covering. It's contagious and needs immediate treatment and cleaning of the dog's environment.

4. Ringworm

Multiple causes, including dietary changes or bacterial infections.

5. Dog Diarrhea

Often caused by excess moisture and characterized by ear discomfort.

6. Dog Ear Infections

Causes discomfort in dogs, treated with eye drops or ointment, or antibiotics if necessary.

7. Conjunctivitis

An infestation of mites leading to hair loss and itching.

8. Mange

Occurs when dogs ingest harmful substances, with various symptoms.

9. Poisoning

Occurs when anal sacs fail to empty, leading to discomfort.

10. Blocked Anal Glands

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