10 Misunderstood Dog Breeds

While they may seem like fun, family-friendly dogs, Dalmatians require extensive training, exercise


These beautiful dogs are ideal for cold climates but demand plenty of attention, mental stimulation, and exercise.

Siberian Huskies

Often misunderstood due to their history in dogfighting, Pit Bulls can be loving and caring family dogs when properly trained and socialized.

Pit Bulls

These small pups are suitable for condo living but may take longer to potty train and might not be the best fit for families with small kids.

Yorkshire Terriers

Known for their territorial instincts, Rottweilers need early socialization.


Despite their small size, Chihuahuas can be quite aggressive and are not recommended for households with young children.


While they have beautiful coats, Afghan Hounds can be stubborn and defy training.

Afghan Hounds

Small dogs prone to jealousy and chasing.

Saint Bernards

Though seen as starter pets, Goldendoodles require socialization and frequent grooming.


These intelligent dogs can be hard to train due to their strong-willed nature.

Shiba Inus

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