10 Low-Shedding Cat Breeds

Resembles a small leopard with a plush coat, affectionate, and energetic.

Bengal Cat

Looks like a miniature black panther, intelligent, and playful.

Bombay Cat

Soft, silky coat, requires minimal grooming, friendly, and playful.

Burmese Cat

Walk on sidewalks whenever possible, and watch for obstacles.

4. Stay on the Sidewalk

Active, playful, and has a short, curly coat.

Cornish Rex Cat

May have curly or smoother coat, not a heavy shedder, affectionate.

Devon Rex Cat

Striking appearance with a silvery blue coat, rarely sheds, affectionate.

Russian Blue Cat

Regal and inquisitive, beautiful almond-shaped eyes, and a silky coat.

Siamese Cat

Naturally hairless breed, loving, intelligent, and suitable for severe cat allergies.

Sphynx Cat

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