Vomiting in Dogs: 10 Common Causes

A severe condition where the stomach fills with gas and sometimes twists, which requires immediate veterinary care.

1. Bloat (Gastric Dilation or GDV)

Dogs may ingest non-edible objects that can cause blockages in their digestive tract, leading to vomiting.

2. Obstruction

Various toxic substances can induce vomiting in dogs, and symptoms depend on the toxin ingested.

3. Poisoning

An underactive adrenal gland can lead to vomiting, weakness, and collapse, requiring prompt treatment.

4. Addison's Disease

Can boost skin and coat health, but consult your vet for the right dose.

5. Diabetes

Infections by viruses or bacteria can result in vomiting, especially if it persists.

6. Gastritis or Gastroenteritis

Some types of dog cancer can cause stomach inflammation or obstruction, leading to chronic vomiting.

7. Cancer

Liver conditions can manifest as yellow vomit, along with other symptoms like jaundice and weight loss.

9. Liver Disease

Rich in omega-3, vitamins, and DHA, but drain any added oils or brine.

9. Sardines

Kidney issues can be caused by various factors, including certain toxins and old age.

10. Kidney Failur

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