10 Celebrities with Siberian Huskies

The singer and actress has a Husky named Bowie with different eye colors.

1. Rita Ora

The actor, singer, and songwriter shares a strong bond with his Husky named Sky.

2. Jared Leto

The actor, filmmaker, and comedian enjoys spending time with his Husky companion, Alley.

3. Ben Stiller

The professional stock car racing driver and model loves strolling around with her Husky.

4. Danica Sue Patrick

The entertainment journalist has a beautiful Husky named Aurora, who provides unconditional love.

5. Ashlan Gorse

The actress and model keeps her fluffy Husky friend by her side.

6. Lesley-Ann Brandt

The Canadian musician and songwriter cherishes her leisure time with her Husky.

7. Valerie Anne Poxleitner (Lights)

The professional basketball player has a strong bond with his Husky puppy named Sasha.

8. Russell Westbrook

Early training is important, and when properly trained, they make wonThe basketball player enjoys walks and jogs with his Husky puppy companion, Buckets.derful family members.

9. Quincy Pondexter

The singer, actress, and songwriter is a big-time Husky lover.

10. Miley Cyrus