10 Heartwarming Ways Dogs Show Their Love

Dogs release oxytocin, the "love hormone," when they maintain natural eye contact with you during play or cuddles.

1. Holding Eye Contact

When your dog leans against you, it's a sign of trust and comfort, indicating they seek your attention and protection.

2. Leaning Against You

If your dog prefers to sleep in your bedroom, it shows their loyalty and desire to be close to you.

3. Sleeping in Your Bedroom

Your dog's enthusiastic welcome when you return home, with jumping, licking, or bringing toys, expresses their joy at seeing you.

4. Excited Greetings

Dogs who steal your shoes or socks are drawn to your scent, a clear sign of their attachment to you.

5. Carrying Your Scent

Even independent dogs may "check in" on you from another room or during walks to ensure you're nearby.

6. Checking Up On You

Physical affection, like pets, cuddles, and gentle hugs, reinforces the bond between you and your dog.

7. Seeking Physical Contact

While some dogs may pee when excited, they typically grow out of this behavior. Consult a vet if it persists.

8. Excitement Peeing

When your dog brings you their cherished toy, it's a symbol of trust and affection, showcasing their bond with you.

9. Sharing Their Favorite Toy

Some dogs "smile" by revealing a toothy grin, a heartwarming gesture that reflects their happiness in your presence.

10. Smiling


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