10 Habits of Happy Couples for a Lasting Relationship

Not just for intimacy, but for the warmth of a bedtime cuddle.

1. Sleep Together

Find common ground and nurture individual hobbies for a well-rounded bond.

2. Share Interests

A public display of affection that signifies comfort and togetherness.

3. Hold Hands

Default to trust and forgiveness, even after disagreements.

4. Trust and Forgive

Focus on your partner's strengths, not weaknesses.

5. Accentuate the Positive

Daily hugs keep your connection strong, bathing your spirit in positivity.

6. Hug Daily

Start the day with "I love you" and "have a good day" for patience and tolerance.

7. Morning Affection

Saying goodnight reaffirms your commitment, no matter the disagreement.

8. Never Sleep Angry

Connect throughout the day to align expectations and support each other.

9. Check-In

Displaying affection in public signifies your belongingness.

10. Public Tenderness