10 Gorgeous Grey and White Cat Breeds

These cats come in various colors and patterns, including charming grey and white combinations.

Domestic Shorthair

Known for their large size, Maine Coons can have grey and white coats, along with bushy tails and tufted ears.

Maine Coon

These cats have round faces and plush coats, and you can find them in grey and white hues.

British Shorthair

Turkish Vans love water and often have a white body with a grey head and tail.

Turkish Van

With solid grey coats and green eyes, Russian Blues create a striking contrast against their white fur.

Russian Blue

These friendly cats have semi-long fur and can be found in grey and white variations.


Ragdolls are large and affectionate, often featuring grey and white fur patterns.


Similar to British Shorthairs, they come in various colors, including grey and white, and are known for their adaptability.

American Shorthair

These independent cats have semi-long grey and white coats and a robust nature.

Norwegian Forest Cat

With sleek bodies and almond-shaped eyes, Oriental Shorthairs can exhibit a range of colors, including grey and white.

Oriental Shorthair