10 Fun Dog Hairstyles to Keep Your Pup Looking Stylish

This is a short shave with about half an inch or less of fur left. It's low-maintenance and gives your pup a stylish look.

1. Kennel Cut

A cut that leaves more hair around the face, giving your dog a teddy bear appearance. Ideal for small breeds with curly hair.

2. Teddy Bear Trim

If your dog's hair covers its eyes or you want a fashionable look, try ponytails or pigtails. Use special dog-friendly hair ties.

4. Ponytail and Ties

Short around the body with longer fur on the legs, this style is versatile and comfortable for various dog breeds.

5. Lamb Cut

Suitable for certain breeds like Pomeranians and Poodles, this cut shaves or trims body hair while leaving hair around the face, legs, and tail.

6. Lion Cut

Highlight your dog's adorable face by leaving some fur on the head while keeping the area around the mouth and nose clean.

7. Clean Face

For dogs with long, straight hair, trim it straight and use dog-friendly oils or serums to maintain a sleek appearance.

8. Long Straightened Hair

Emphasize your dog's ears by shaving around the head and styling the ear fur with bows or products.

9. Pigtail Ears

A classic cut that leaves short fur on the body but keeps more on the head, neck, and tail. Perfect for a stylish and comfortable look, especially in hot weather.

10. Poodle Cut


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