10 Flat-Faced Cat Breeds Ready to Be Your New Favorite Furball

The Persian cat, known for its sweet nature, comes in various colors like white, cream, gray, and orange. They prefer lounging in cozy spots over jumping.


With striking blue eyes and a Persian heritage, Himalayans are playful and love cat toys and cuddles.


These long-living companions are intelligent and can learn tricks. Engage them with feather wands and cat wheels for exercise.

British Longhair

Adapting well to indoor life, British Shorthairs are kind and affectionate, making friends with dogs, kids, and other cats.

British Shorthair

Despite their popularity, Exotic Shorthairs remain devoted to their humans and may develop separation anxiety if left alone for too long.

Exotic Shorthair

Known for their charming personality, Scottish Folds have unique folded ears caused by a genetic mutation. They enjoy playing games.

Scottish Fold

Athletic and social, Burmese cats come in American and European varieties, both with endearing and trainable temperaments.


These small cats are social, energetic, and occasionally mischievous. Ethical breeding is crucial due to the short-legged mutation.


The Burmilla combines the best traits of a Persian, British Shorthair, and Burmese, making them adventurous and loving companions.