10 Fascinating Facts About Persian Cats

Persian cats came to Europe from Persia in the 1600s, but their true roots remain a mystery.

1. Mysterious Origins

Queen Victoria adored Persian cats, adding to their reputation for elegance and nobility.

2. Queen Victoria's Companions

Persian cats were featured in the world's first cat show in 1871, where one won "Best in Show."

3. Cat Show Stars

Among the earliest pedigreed breeds, Persians arrived in the U.S. around 1875, helping form the Cat Fanciers' Association.

4. Pedigreed Pioneers

The world's largest cat painting, "My Wife's Lovers," showcases 42 Persians and sold for a hefty sum.

5. Giant Cat Art

In the 1950s, a genetic mutation gave rise to the iconic flat-faced Persian look, but traditional "doll-faced" Persians still exist.

6. Evolving Faces

Persian cats come in diverse colors, from white to orange, chocolate, and more.

7. Colorful Variety

Their long fur requires daily grooming, though some opt for trims to manage it.

8. High-Maintenance

Persians are known as "furniture with fur" due to their love for lounging without causing chaos.

9. Perfect Lapcats

While affectionate, Persians are best suited for quieter homes, as they don't handle loud noises and disruptions well.

10. Calm Companions