10 Facts About Black Cats

In certain cultures, black cats are considered symbols of good luck. For example, in Japan, owning one can increase a single woman's number of suitors.

1. Good Luck in Some Cultures

Sailors believed that having a black cat on board their ships brought good luck and ensured a safe return home. Some cats, like Tiddles, became famous maritime companions.

2. Sailor's Companions

Black cats come in various breeds, including Norwegian Forest Cat, Japanese Bobtail, and Scottish Fold, with Bombay being the most iconic.

3. Diverse Breeds

Black cats in shelters are adopted as frequently as cats of other colors. However, lingering superstitions may lead to longer adoption times.

4. Adoption Rates

Contrary to belief, black cat adoptions don't typically surge during Halloween. Some shelters even ban black cat adoptions in October to prevent them from being used as costume accessories.

5. Halloween Myth

A black cat's coat can "rust" due to sun exposure or nutritional deficiencies, revealing hidden stripes.

6. Changing Coat Colour

Black cats share patterned fur traits with black panthers, which are usually melanistic jaguars or leopards. In the right lighting, you can see their spots.

7. Panther-Like Patterns

The gene responsible for black fur may make these cats more resistant to diseases, similar to genes in humans that provide resistance to certain illnesses.

8. Disease Resistance

Nekobiyaka in Himeji, Japan, is a cat café exclusively featuring black cats, each wearing a different colored bandana to distinguish them.

9. Cat Café Devoted to Black Cats

Black cats can be challenging to photograph due to lighting issues, often appearing as dark blobs in photos.

10. Photography Challenges

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