10 Dog Breeds You Can Kiss

Once hunters and warriors, Irish Wolfhounds have hearts as big as their stature. These gentle giants are known for their loving and affectionate nature.

The Irish Wolfhound

Loyalty and determination define the Irish Terrier, making them truly Irish at heart. Their unwavering devotion is sure to win your affection.

The Irish Terrier

Grace and guts come together in the Irish Red and White Setter. This breed's ability to handle surprises with poise is a testament to its Irish spirit.

The Irish Red and White Setter

As herding pups and livestock guardians, Wheaten Terriers are known for their problem-solving skills. Their determination and intelligence make them irresistible.

The Wheaten Terrier

A family-oriented breed, the Irish Water Spaniel forms special bonds with children. Their dignified demeanor embodies the Irish spirit.

The Irish Water Spaniel

Hailing from the Kerry mountains of Ireland, Kerry Blue Terriers might have a touch of Portuguese Water Dog in their ancestry. Their distinctive heritage adds to their charm.

Kerry Blue Terrier

Fiercely intelligent and blessed with keen eyesight, Irish Lurchers were bred to hunt small game. Their agility and speed make them a dynamic Irish breed.

The Irish Lurcher

So authentically Irish that it's not recognized by the AKC, the Irish Toy Collie is a hidden gem. Its Irish roots shine through its character.

The Irish Toy Collie

Considered the OG Irish breed, the Irish Setter has a documented history dating back to the sixteenth century. With its fiery red coat, it's the epitome of Irish spirit.

The Irish Setter

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