10 Dog Breeds with the Best Sense of Smell

Developed in England for game fowl hunting, the English Pointer relies on its deep and long muzzle to sniff out the scent of birds.

English Pointer

Often employed by law enforcement, the GSP's broad and long muzzle makes it skilled at tracking game.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Specifically bred for hunting raccoons, Coonhounds possess wide muzzles, large noses, and a relentless tracking instinct.


These dogs flush birds behind thick bushes, using their sense of smell to assist hunters in shooting down prey.

English Springer Spaniel

Known for assisting in high-profile missions, they have millions of olfactory cells in their black muzzle

Belgian Malinois

Though not a scenthound, Labs are intelligent and versatile, capable of retrieving game in the water and assisting in detection work.

Labrador Retriever

With over 225 million olfactory cells, they excel in tracking missing persons, fugitives, and contraband.

German Shepherd

These fun-loving scenthounds have a remarkable sense of smell, making them suitable for airport security work while being lovable companions.


Regarded as the top scenting dog breed, Bloodhounds have about 300 million olfactory receptors, making them the kings of scenting canines.


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