10 Dog Breeds as College Mascots

Yale University adopted Handsome Dan, an English Bulldog, as its mascot in 1889. Today, twenty American colleges and universities proudly claim the bulldog as their mascot.


Fourteen schools have the Husky as their mascot, including St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, where they've named their Husky "Blizzard."


Sienna College in Albany, New York, and Emmanuel College in Massachusetts both have the Saint Bernard as their mascot.

Saint Bernard

Boston University and Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina, both celebrate the all-American Boston Terrier as their mascot.

Boston Terrier

The University of Indianapolis chose the Greyhound for its mascot, inspired by the dog's speed, jumping prowess, and fighting spirit.


The University of Tennessee's mascot, a Bluetick Coonhound named "Smokey," was selected through a contest and is represented by live and costumed versions.

Bluetick Coonhound

Texas A&M University has a Rough Coated Collie named Reveille VIII as their honored mascot.


Southern Illinois State University decided on the Saluki as its team name due to the breed's speed and hunting skills.


Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia, and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh

Scottish Terrier

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