10 Different Types Of Love In Relationships & Their Indicators

Infatuation is an intense but short-lived attraction. It's often based on idealized perceptions and can be seen in the early stages of a relationship or in casual flings.

1. Infatuation

This type of love is characterized by commitment without emotional intimacy or passion. It can occur when the initial spark fades but the commitment remains.

2. Empty Love

Self-love is about appreciating and accepting yourself. It involves mindfulness, self-nourishment, setting boundaries, and forgiveness towards oneself.

3. Self-Love (Philautia)

Selfless love is giving love without expecting anything in return. It involves kindness, compassion, and prioritizing the well-being of others.

4. Selfless Love (Agape)

Romantic love is characterized by intense passion and emotional connection. However, it often lacks commitment, making detachment easier.

5. Romantic Love (Eros)

Playful love involves teasing, flirting, and having a good time with your partner. It's about keeping the relationship light and enjoyable.

6. Playful Love (Ludus)

Affectionate love is found in friendships and family bonds. It's built on loyalty, respect, trust, and open communication.

7. Affectionate Love (Philia)

Familial love is seen in close-knit families and deep friendships. It's marked by unconditional love, forgiveness, commitment, and creating meaningful memories.

8. Familial Love (Storge)

Pragma is a love that develops over time, characterized by affection, commitment, and continuous effort to strengthen the relationship.

9. Long-Lasting Love (Pragma)

Obsessive love goes beyond boundaries, often leading to possessiveness and unhealthy attachment patterns.

10. Obsessive Love (Mania)