10 Daily Ways to Strengthen the Bond with Your Dog

Making eye contact with your dog can reinforce trust and love. It activates the oxytocin system, promoting bonding.

1. Eye Contact

Dogs are motivated by praise. Studies show that many dogs value praise more than treats. Recognizing their good behavior strengthens your bond.

2. Praise

Just like eye contact, touch works wonders. It helps both you and your dog stay connected, reinforcing the bond.

3. Touch

Positive reinforcement training enhances the bond. It gives your dog a sense of purpose and a "job," building confidence and trust.

4. Training

Teaching your dog a new trick is a fun way to spend time together and strengthen your bond.

5.Teaching a New Trick

Physical affection is crucial for bonding. Spend quality, one-on-one time with your dog, including gentle pets.

6. Cuddles

Offering your dog your undivided attention improves your bond. Reflect on your pet's needs and build trust.

7. Focused Attention

Play is essential for bonding. It activates neurobiology and reduces stress. Play fetch, tug, or try a dog sport together.

8. Fun & Play

Understanding your dog's body language helps you adjust your behavior to meet their needs, reinforcing safety and trust.

9. Learn Dog Body Language

Dogs can sense your mood. Staying calm and regulating your mood with your dog's help enhances your bond.

10.Stay Calm


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