10 Cool Facts About Cats: A Happy Cat Expert Explains

Cats thrive when they have control over their environment, access to resources, and predictable routines.

1. Control and Comfort

Cats prefer a hands-off approach during petting, allowing them to dictate when and how they're stroked.

2. Gentle Petting

Cats have an impressive hearing range, detecting both low-frequency and ultrasonic sounds.

3. Exceptional Hearing

While not as good as dogs, cats have a remarkable sense of smell, with a special organ for decoding chemical messages.

4. Incredible Sense of Smell

Cats are meticulous groomers and prefer to toilet away from core areas and other cats' smells.

5. Neat Freaks

Cats usually choose flight or hiding when faced with stress, only resorting to aggression when other options are limited.

6. Avoiding Conflict

Cats can adapt to living in groups or alone, but individual preferences vary.

7. 'Facultatively Social'

A cat's personality is shaped by early experiences and environment, often more than their breed.

8. Personality Matters

Cats are hardwired to hunt, a behavior inherited from their wild ancestors.

9. Natural Hunters

Selective breeding for extreme features may put certain cat breeds at risk.

10. Risk of Exaggeration


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