10 common human actions that dogs dislike.

Dogs rely on body language to understand humans.

1. Using Words More Than Body LanguageKai

Resembling Huskies, they are dignified, devoted, and require socialization.

Alaskan Malamute

3. Petting a Dog's Face or Patting Her Head - Dogs often prefer being petted on their back or rear.

4. Walking Up to a Strange Dog While Looking Her in the Eye - Direct eye contact can be perceived as dominance or aggression.

Not Providing Structure and Rules - Dogs thrive with clear rules and boundaries.

6. Forcing Your Dog to Interact With Dogs or People She Clearly Doesn't Like - Respect your dog's preferences in social situations.

Going for Walks Without Giving an Opportunity to Explore and Smell - Dogs need time to explore with their noses.

Keeping a Tight Leash, Literally

Dogs can pick up on their owner's stress levels.

Being Tense

Dogs can become bored and act out if they don't receive enough mental and physical stimulation.

Being Boring


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