10 Common Dog Training Mistakes

Begin training as soon as you bring your dog home to prevent bad habits from forming.

1. Starting training too late

Regular training sessions, even for well-trained dogs, help maintain their skills and strengthen your bond.

2. Not training enough

Different dogs require different training methods; adapt your training to your dog's needs.

3. Using a one-size-fits-all approach

Consistency is key in training; mixed signals confuse your dog.

4. Inconsistency

Be patient; dogs learn at different paces. Keep sessions short and positive.

5. Impatience

Avoid harsh punishment; it's ineffective and harmful. Positive reinforcement works better.

6. Harsh discipline

Use positive reinforcement immediately to reinforce good behavior; correct behavior as it happens if necessary.

7. Timing is crucial

Accidental rewards can reinforce undesired behavior; deny attention until the behavior stops.

8. Reinforcing the wrong behavior

Don't call your dog for something unpleasant; it discourages them from coming when called.

9. Calling for unpleasant tasks

Practice behaviors in different settings with distractions to solidify your dog's training.

10. Failing to proof behaviors


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