10 Common Dog Behavior Problems and Solutions

Identify the cause (e.g., alertness or anxiety), teach bark/quiet commands, and address underlying reasons.

1. Barking

Offer appropriate chew toys, keep personal items away, and ensure your dog gets enough exercise.

2. Chewing

Determine the cause (e.g., boredom or hunting instinct), provide more exercise, and designate a digging area.

3. Digging

Recognize signs, seek professional help if needed, and use training and behavior modification.

4. Separation Anxiety

Rule out health issues, identify reasons (e.g., anxiety or marking), and train as necessary.

5. Inappropriate Elimination

Don't encourage begging, instruct your dog to stay away during meals, and reward good behavior.

6. Begging

Keep your dog leashed or confined, train recall commands, and stay vigilant to prevent chasing.

7. Chasing

Ignore your dog's jumping, walk away if needed, and reward calm behavior.

8. Jumping Up

Understand that puppies explore with their mouths, teach bite inhibition, and address biting triggers.

9. Biting

Be aware that any dog can show aggression, and proper training, socialization, and breeding practices can help.

10. Aggression

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