10 Common Cat Behavior Myths Decoded

Cats can get stressed when left alone; they need interaction, play, and stimulation.

1. Cats Prefer Solitude

Not using the litterbox may be medical or stress-related; consult a vet and consider retraining methods.

2. Litterbox Issues Are Permanent

Scratching is normal; they might do it due to discomfort or playfulness. Check for underlying issues.

3. Cats Scratch Out of Meanness

Cats won't harm babies if interactions are supervised and behavior issues are addressed.

4. Cats Harm Babies

Cats need daily play to reduce nuisance behavior. Some even enjoy walks on a leash.

5. Cats Don't Need Playtime

Cats can bond and coexist, especially if adopted together or introduced properly.

6. Cats Can't Get Along

A cat's tongue feels like sandpaper because of tiny backward-pointing projections. It's a versatile tool for grooming and soothing anxiety.

7. Rough Tongue

Cats have incredibly flexible spines, allowing them to groom nearly their entire bodies and squeeze through tight spots.

8. Flexible Felines

The skin on a cat's paw pads is thick and shock-absorbent, helping them land gracefully and make sharp turns.

9. Paw Power


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