10 cats with Long Ears

Known for their cute folded ears, Scottish Folds have an adorable appearance.

Scottish Fold

With pointed ears similar to Siamese cats, Orientals are a slender and elegant breed.

Oriental Shorthair

Their large, pointed ears accentuate the Siamese cat's sleek and graceful look.


The hairless Sphynx boasts prominent ears, adding to its unique and alien-like appearance.


Another hairless breed, the Peterbald, comes with a variety of ear shapes, including large and bat-like ones.


The Devon Rex stands out with its oversized ears, which complement its curly coat.

Devon Rex

Similar to the Devon Rex, the Cornish Rex has large ears and a distinct wavy coat.

Cornish Rex

These cats have charming ears that curl backward, giving them an endearing look.

American Curl

Bengal cats sport relatively large, rounded ears, contributing to their wild and exotic appearance.


Although not as famous for their ears, Maine Coon cats have tufted ears that add character to their massive frame.

Maine Coon

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