10 Cat Superpowers That Make Them Awesome

Cats are incredibly fast, capable of reaching speeds up to 30MPH (50KMH), even faster than Usain Bolt.

1) Speed

They excel in jumping, with some cats being able to leap up to 10 feet (182.88CM) high.

2) Jumping

Cats are strong and agile, making them skilled climbers, with Maine Coon cats being notably robust.

3) Strength

Cats are remarkably flexible, able to squeeze through spaces smaller than their heads.

4) Elasticity

They have a wide field of vision (about 200 degrees) and superior peripheral vision, making them excellent hunters.

5) Super Sight

Cats' ears can move independently and have 52 muscles to focus on quiet sounds.

6) Super Hearing

Cats move almost silently due to soft paws and a stealthy walk, earning them the "cat-like" descriptor.

7) Super Stealth

Cats have a reputation for landing on their feet and surviving falls from great heights.

8) Freefall

Cats are masters of relaxation, sleeping for about 70% of their lives and even dreaming.

9) Super Relaxation

Cats have been cherished by humans for thousands of years, from ancient Egypt to the modern internet era, where cat videos are immensely popular.

10) Super Popular