10 Cat Breeds With Curly Tails

This breed is known for its curly tail, and it's the only breed that always has one. It originated from a rescued kitten named Solomon in 1998.

1. American Ringtail

Some Devon Rex cats have curled tails, but it's more common in mixes than purebreds.

2. Devon Rex

Though not a signature trait, some Russian Blues have naturally curling tails.

3. Russian Blue

4. Siamese

Despite being hairless, Sphynx cats can have a curly tail due to the curly tail gene.

5. Sphynx

While most Bengal cats have straight tails, a few individuals have a curly tail.

6. Bengal

Some Ragdolls have curled tails, especially in mixes.

7. Ragdoll

Known for their folded ears, a few Scottish Fold cats also have curly tails.

8. Scottish Fold

Descendants of Siamese cats, some Singapura cats sport curly tails.

9. Singapura

This breed, resembling a Bengal cat, occasionally has curly tails.

10. Ocicat

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