10 Cat Breeds That Are the Most Affectionate

Renowned as gentle giants, Maine Coons form strong bonds with their human companions due to their friendly and affectionate disposition.

Maine Coon

These large, placid cats adore being held and cuddled, often going limp when picked up, earning them the name "Ragdoll."


Highly social and vocal, Siamese cats thrive on human interaction and relish being the center of attention.


Playful and affectionate, Burmese cats are known for their sweet, loving temperament and enjoy the company of people.


With their unique folded ears, Scottish Folds are both adaptable and affectionate, making them beloved companions.

Scottish Fold

Friendly and outgoing, Siberian cats love being part of family activities and are characterized by their loyalty.


These gentle and affectionate cats with striking blue eyes and silky fur form strong bonds with their owners.


A blend of Siamese and Burmese breeds, Tonkinese cats inherit the affectionate nature of both and are playful by nature.


Known for their curiosity and deep attachment to their owners, Devon Rex cats have wavy fur and exhibit a "dog-like" devotion.

Devon Rex

Calm and easygoing, British Shorthairs enjoy spending quality time with their families, featuring round faces and plush coats.

British Shorthair

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