10 Canine Breeds Related To Wolves

These strong and sturdy dogs were originally bred for their strength and endurance, much like their wolf ancestors.

Alaskan Malamute

Siberian Huskies share a strong physical resemblance to wolves and were originally bred by the Chukchi people of Siberia to pull sleds over long distances.

Siberian Husky

This breed was developed in the UK and was designed to resemble wolves in appearance while maintaining a friendly temperament.

Northern Inuit Dog

This breed was created by crossing a German Shepherd with a Eurasian wolf. They have a strong wolf-like appearance.

Saarloos Wolfdog

Bred from a German Shepherd and Carpathian wolf, this breed is known for its intelligence and wolf-like appearance.

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

This breed was developed to resemble wolves and often has a wolf-like coat pattern. They are a mix of Northern breed dogs.


These dogs share a common ancestry with the ancient Thule dogs, which had wolf-like features and were used by the Inuit for transportation.

Canadian Eskimo Dog

Bred from a combination of Northern breeds, Utonagans were created to resemble wolves and have a friendly disposition.


These dogs have been used by the indigenous people of Greenland for centuries for transportation and hunting, and they have a wolf-like appearance.

Greenland Dog

Also known as the Alsatian Shepalute, this breed was developed to mimic the appearance of the dire wolf and German Shepherd but with a calmer temperament.

American Alsatian