10 Best Emotional Support Dogs

Petite size and friendly temperament make them great apartment dogs and comforting companions.

1. Cavalier King Charles spaniel

2. Labrador retriever

Happy, laid-back dogs that provide emotional support through their loyalty and ability to perform helpful tasks.

Happy, playful, and easy-going dogs that bring entertainment and joy with their unique appearance and loving nature.

3. Corgi

Calm and mellow dogs that require grooming but can provide comfort with their thick coat and gentle presence.

4. Great Pyrenees

Non-shedding dogs with uplifting personalities, intelligence, and a goofy nature that can brighten your day.

5. Standard poodle

Gentle giants that offer affection, compassion, and deep pressure therapy with their large size and calm temperament.

6. Great Dane

Silky white lap dogs that provide comfort and soothing with their affectionate nature and small size.

7. Maltese

Adaptable and friendly dogs that make great travel companions and provide emotional support in various settings.

8. Havanese

Loyal and affectionate dogs that excel in providing emotional support with their cuddling and unconditional love.

9. Golden retriever

Small and confident lap dogs that offer companionship, protection, and support in social situations.

10. Yorkshire terrier