10 Best Dog Breeds for Runners

Sporting breed with speed and endurance, ideal for running. Height: 24-26 inches, Weight: 70-85 pounds.


Another sporting breed known for endurance and loyalty. Height: 22-23 inches, Weight: 45-50 pounds.


Athletic breed requiring exercise; historically used for running alongside carriages. Height: 19-23 inches, Weight: 45-60 pounds.


Highly intelligent herding breed, agile and fast. Height: 18-22 inches, Weight: 28-48 pounds.

Border Collie

Agile herding breed, thrives on challenging runs. Height: 18-23 inches, Weight: 40-65 pounds.

Australian Shepherd

Hound breed with athleticism and endurance, originally bred to hunt lions. Height: 25-26 inches, Weight: 65-90 pounds.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Working breed built for long runs in cold climates. Height: 21-23 inches, Weight: 35-50 pounds.

Siberian Husky

Small, energetic terrier breeds suitable for long runs include Jack Russell, Parson Russell, rat terrier, and wire fox terrier.


Breeds like the pointer, German shorthaired pointer, and German wirehaired pointer are known for strength and endurance. They do well in various temperatures.


Greyhound, whippet, borzoi, saluki, Scottish deerhound, and sloughi are streamlined for shorter, fast-paced runs.



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