10 Best Cat Breeds for Hunting Birds

Known for their agility and stealth, Siamese cats are excellent bird hunters.

Siamese Cats

These large and muscular cats have a strong hunting instinct, making them proficient bird hunters

Maine Coon Cats

With their wild appearance and athleticism, Bengal cats are skilled at catching birds.

Bengal Cats

A cross between a domestic cat and a serval, Savannah cats have a natural inclination for bird hunting.

Savannah Cats

Their high energy levels and curiosity make them effective bird hunters.

Oriental Shorthair Cats

Agile and quick, Cornish Rex cats can easily capture birds.

Cornish Rex Cats

Playful and alert, Scottish Folds can sneak up on birds effectively.

Scottish Fold Cats

Their curiosity and agility can help them catch birds, especially in indoor settings.

Sphynx Cats

Known for their speed and hunting prowess, they excel at capturing birds.

Egyptian Mau Cats

These elegant cats are not only graceful but also skilled bird hunters.

Balinese Cats