10 Astonishing Cat Facts

Surprisingly, a cat's brain shares more similarities with a human brain than with a dog's. Both cats and humans have identical brain regions for emotions, making cats closer to us than we thought.

1. Cat Brains Are Similar to Humans

Studies reveal that female cats often use their right front paw, while males prefer their left when faced with complex tasks.

2. Female Cats Are Right-Pawed, Males Are Lefties

Cats produce about 100 distinct sounds, making it challenging to decipher their various meows and purrs. In contrast, dogs make only about 10 different sounds.

3. Cats Make 100 Different Sounds

Stubbs, an honorary "Mayor" cat in Talkeetna, Alaska, served from 1997 to 2017. It was a heartwarming gesture, even if the title was symbolic.

4. A Cat Was Mayor in Alaska

The Savannah F1, a hybrid breed, can weigh between 20 to 30 pounds and holds the Guinness World Record for the tallest domestic cat.

5. The Savannah F1 is Enormous

The Egyptian Mau, an ancient breed worshipped by the Egyptians, is still around today. It's also the fastest pedigree cat breed, reaching speeds of nearly 30 miles per hour.

6. Egyptian Mau, the Oldest Breed

Nala Cat, a Siamese and tabby mix, is both the most-followed cat on Instagram and reportedly has a net worth of $100 million USD.

7. The Richest Cat in the World

Sphynx cats may look hairless, but they have a short, soft fuzz covering their bodies, and they can grow whiskers and eyebrows.

8. Sphynx Cats Aren't Truly Hairless

Cat purrs, with a frequency range of 25 to 150 Hz, have been found to promote bone growth. So, having your cat by your side when you're unwell might be therapeutic.

9. Cat Purrs Can Promote Healing