10 Animals That Eat Their Own Babies

Known for its powerful claws, the mantis shrimp may eat its own babies if they feel threatened or if the young are not healthy.

The Mantis Shrimp

Female black widow spiders are notorious for their maternal cannibalism. They may consume their offspring if they perceive a threat or face a shortage of food.

The Black Widow Spider

These massive Indonesian lizards exhibit cannibalistic tendencies, especially when their offspring are sick or injured.

The Komodo Dragon

Apex predators in Africa, Nile crocodiles may resort to eating their young when stressed or when prey is scarce.

The Nile Crocodile

Found in the North Atlantic and North Pacific oceans, grey seals may eat their own babies when the young are unwell or injured.

The Grey Seal

These solitary waterbirds, residing in North America and Europe, may eat their offspring when food is scarce or when they're under stress.

The Common Loon

Living in packs and known as Africa's fastest land animals, African wild dogs may consume their own offspring when the young are sick or injured.

The African Wild Dog

As apex predators in the Arctic, polar bears might eat their cubs under stressful conditions or when food is in short supply.

The Polar Bear

Social animals found in Africa, meerkats may resort to infanticide when their young are unwell or injured.

The Meerkat

Solitary marsupials in Australia, Tasmanian devils exhibit aggressive behavior and may consume their own offspring when stressed or when there's a lack of food.

The Tasmanian Devil